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Living Walls

Living walls are one of the latest innovations in interior landscaping. With the Mobilane LivePanel sustainable plant wall system, existing walls are transformed into attractive living surfaces. The system consists of rows of planted “cassettes” placed in a duct profile that also serves as a water reservoir, with the plants absorbing water through a capillary system. Living walls offer all of the benefits of live plants, but by making use of vertical space, allow you to maximise these benefits without impact on floor space and, of course, they make a striking visual statement.

Living Wall

Living Pictures

Living pictures are green walls on a smaller scale. Live plants are contained within a frame and are ideal for areas with less wall space or for smaller budgets.

Live Dividers

Live Dividers are room dividers adorned with plants on both sides. Perfect for dividing up rooms, they create a pleasant ambience and give flexibility in how a room is used. They also help to create privacy and reduce noise.

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We have over 30 years experience providing interior landscaping services for offices, showrooms, hotels, shopping centres, exhibitions and more.

Exterior Grounds

Maintenance plans, planting and many other options to keep your exterior environment looking tidy, healthy and cared for.

Plant Rental

Our interior plants and also our containers are supplied on a basis that suits the individual needs of you and your business.

Artificial Plants

The supply and care of high quality and natural stemmed artificial trees and plants for when natural plants are no longer practical.


Our trained, knowledgeable and friendly plant technicians make regular visits for all watering, pruning, feeding, spraying and pest control.

Private Clients

All of our services are also available to anyone who wants beautiful, healthy, professionally maintained plants in their home.

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